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The Ethical Warrior:
Values, morals, and ethics for life, work and service
by Jack Hoban

Jack Hoban was shaped by service in the U.S. Marine Corps, a life-changing epiphany at a Cold War bar, and mentorship under two masters: The 34th generation grandmaster of the shadowy art of the Ninja and a sage of the Natural Law who may just have deciphered the meaning of life.  He now delivers a revolutionary view of moral values for our time epitomized by the Ethical Warrior – protector of self and others as equal human beings. Hoban’s methodology reaches from the Greek ancients to the counterinsurgency efforts of today’s Marines to provide ethical clarity and confidence in our moral actions.
 The Ethical Warrior is of great value to those interested in living a balanced, happy and ethical life. It addresses important questions such as: Is there a “true north” on the moral compass? Is there an objective value that can be used to qualify our relative values as moral or immoral? How do we reject our tendency to dehumanize others not of our “in-group”– including our enemies – and respect true human equality? How do we do “the right thing” under the stresses of everyday life?

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  • Jack Hoban is one of 88 former active duty Marines profiled in a new book called "Above & Beyond: Former Marines Conquer The Civilian World."   This book introduces a mix of former Marines who are very successful in the civilian fields they have chosen; some of these former Marines you already know, and many you don't know. You will meet reservists, "one-termers" and "lifers," as well as a former Marine Commandant who is very successful in the private sector. You will find out a little bit about each person profiled, but as you read the stories collectively, you will see a camaraderie of many races, ages, and personalities that make up the U.S. Marine Corps.  Above & Beyond is a must for former, current and future Marines and their families.  A portion of all proceeds will support Marine Corps charities.  Click here for info.

  • The The Last Ninja - Bujinkan TaiKai (3 DVD set) with Soke Masaaki Hatsumi is available.  

    In August of 2003, 72 year-old Masaaki Hatsumi, the GrandMaster of Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu, left his home in Japan and came to the United States to demonstrate the true art of the ancient Japanese Ninja. Hatsumi’s system is called "Bujinkan" and contains elements of classic combat martial arts, as well as, the mysterious art of Ninjutsu.

    This DVD contains the incredible techniques and fighting style of the Ninja, including esoteric weaponry and hand to hand fighting. Hatsumi’s teaching style is very conversational and gives insight into the warrior life philosophy of, perhaps, the most mysterious guerilla fighters who ever lived.

    Now at an advanced aged, but still remarkable strong and agile due to decades of his Ninja training, Hatsumi has said that he will never teach again outside of Japan. His retirement from international instruction is the end of an era.


  • Jack Hoban was interviewed by Geoff Metcalf on World Net Daily.  Topics discussed were the new Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and Professor Humphrey's "Warrior's Creed."   An edited transcript of the interview is here.

  • Jack Hoban is interviewed in the February 2002 issue of Black Belt Magazine.  Reprint is here.

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Did You Know?

- The History Channel did a show on the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.  See some video clips here.

-  Dr. Robert Humphrey has been awarded a posthumous honorary 10th degree Black Belt and gold medal for his contributions to the Bujinkan.   His web page is here.

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