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General Charles C. Krulak, 31st Commandant of the United States Marine Corps: “Whether on the Battlefield or in the Boardroom, a strong value system is the most precious weapon of all. Nobody understood this more than Bob Humphrey. I cherish the time I spent with this remarkable man and count myself as blessed to have been under his tutelage."

William S. Sessions, former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation: “Professor Humphrey's fresh look at human nature gives us insights and methods to break down walls between groups in conflict which can impact and help reduce cross-cultural violence.”

Colman Genn, Center for Educational Innovation and former Superintendent, New York City School System: “Bob Humphrey’s Life Values theory represents the clearest and most satisfying explanation of human nature in the last three thousand years of philosophy.”

Captain Jack E. Hoban, USMCR:  As Bob Humphrey talked, I felt that prickly sensation on the back of my neck. It was powerful, and really quite physical. The things that he said, the stories he told, touched me in a way that has changed me forever. I was stunned to hear him explain, clearly and matter-of-factly, the meaning of life.

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Gregory Manchess