Life Values Institute. This is the home page of Robert L. Humphrey's organization. Professor Humphrey's Life Value Theory is one of the obvious philosophical sources of Living Values. He was a graduate of Wisconsin University, Harvard Law School, and the Fletcher School of Diplomacy. He was a Marine Lieutenant on Iwo Jima and a semi-professional boxer. For forty years he was America's leading expert in overseas cross-cultural conflict resolution. He is the author of the book "Values for a New Millennium."  Dr. Humphrey passed away on July 16, 1997, but his work lives on.  In order to truly understand the art of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, You must train with GrandMaster Masaaki Hatsumi.  Here is some important information.

Warrior Information Network. There's LOTS of Bujinkan links there.  Check out the WIN Internet Yellow Page!

Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.  I am privileged to be a contributor to this program in the capacity of Subject Matter Expert.  If you are a young man or woman seeking a life on the warrior path, you may want to read about the kind of training now available in the United States Marines.

Buyῡ Facebook.  Our Buyῡ Facebook page.

Sweetheart. This is Yumiko Hoban's Japanese language web page dealing with cross-cultural childrearing issues.

Mark Hodel's Home Page.

Henka.  Buyῡ Doug Wilson's blog about training in Japan (and training in general). Jim Manley is a fellow Humphrey proponent. He is also the Web Master for Living Values and a lot of other cool sites including the Ralph Waldo Emerson site.

Verbal Judo Institute, Inc.. This is George Thompson's Home Page. George is one of the greatest peace officer trainers in the world (in my opinion). If you are a cop, his methods can save your life. If you are not a cop, verbal judo (the gentle art of persuasion) is still an extremely valuable tool.  For example, try his "5 step" approach when disciplining your kids.

Tom Brown Jr's Tracker School. Tom Brown has a wonderful school for those of you who are interested in wilderness skills.   He also writes some great books - see the Living Values Virtual Bookstore.

Rogues On The Run Home Page. The Rogues are my favorite band (mostly because I'm a member)  Here's my music page: Jack Hoban Music.

Los Icaros de la Pintura -  Great paintings from my brother Feldsott.

Care about the future of Gorillas on the planet?  Check out Gorilla Aid.

Align Amar Yoga

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